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Clients often prepurchase hours - has anyone got a good way to deal with this?

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Hi Tim, thank you for posting your question! How do you currently track your clients in Wrike, a Project/Folder per client or do your clients purchase hours connected to individual tasks? Generally, the best way to record non-standard data like pre-purchased hours in Wrike is to use Custom Fields:
  • Select the Folder where you’d like to create the Custom Field. 
  • Go to the Table View and click “+ Add Column” to the right of the view.
  • Select “+ Create new column” and fill in the attributes in the pop-up window.
  • Make sure to set the field type to "Number", and also select where you would like to apply the field, depending on where you want to record this data. If you track the time purchased per task, apply the field to all levels. If you track time per client on a Folder/Project level, then choose “Folders and Projects” level only. 

You can also filter your tasks by this field in the future, to see which tasks have pre-purchased hours and which don’t. Happy to answer any other questions about this!

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