Are webhooks(beta) working all the time?

I have set up a webhook to make some integration with slack.

It is working fine at first, but sometimes it doesn't work, and some time later it works.

Is this because of beta status of the WebHooks?

Or Is there any limitation when firing events with WebHook?

Thank you in advance.

Howard Kang 


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I found the reason why it's not working sometimes.


The webhook status had changed to "Suspended".  I didn't know why it's working so I register it again, and it worked at that time.

But eventually (about 24 hours later) it had gone to "Suspended" again.


I think there should be some limitation or quota for webhook usage. 

Could someone tell me about it?

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Hi Howard! We do not have any quota applied to webhooks, so it looks like the problem is different here.
If you shut down your endpoint or it is not accessible via the internet, Wrike automatically suspends your webhook after three unsuccessful retries (please read more about suspension here).
Speaking in technical terms, if some payload is generated on Wrike's side and our API tries to reach out to your HTTP endpoint, but does not get code 200 or 204 in response after three retries, webhook gets suspended. A similar situation was discussed in this post in the API Community.

Could you please check if your server returns the appropriate status code? Another point could be that your endpoint becomes unavailable intermittently, I would also double-check if it experienced some downtime.

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