Team Transitioning from Quip?

The organization I support is accustomed to using Quip to manage meetings, links, and everything for any project. 

As someone new to the org I was tasked with incorporating Wrike. Once I understood how the team leads meetings thru Quip I understood how I can incorporate Wrike, while supporting the structure of any meeting:

  • Treat the top part of any task similarly to how the team is used to using Quip (List dates of each meeting, agenda, bullet point topics
  • Track meetings on top of each other (transparency to previous discussions)
  • Use comments section to loop anyone in, or bring prioritization back to a task

This has helped immensely guiding the team through this change, and feedback has been very positive.

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Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Thanks so much for sharing your best practice Jesse Tenorio 🙌

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