How to see which space a project is in from the shared with me list?


Apologies in advance if I am missing something obvious, but can someone please enlighten me how I can check which space a project or folder is in?

I am looking at the "shared with me" list in the (new, lightspeed) sidebar, set to view "all" as I need to see complete/cancelled projects.
I then choose one of hundreds of projects from the list... project view window opens... but I cannot find where in this view (or anywhere) I am able to see which space this project resides in.

For context, we use standardised project and folder naming across our global offices for certain things. Each entity has it's own space, and recently, as a member of the newly-formed Wrike Trainers/Deployment Taskforce, I have been given access to see everything in every space. So in my "shared with me" there are many maaaany projects with the exact same name, and I need to be able to quickly and easily identify which space a project resides in, from the "shared with me" list.

Thanks in advance for your help! :)

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Hi Angela Kennewell,

when you go in a folder or project, just clic on "info button" and on the right open the extended info, abowe the name of the Folder or Project you can see his parent. 

Here a folder insered in two different spaces for us "PM Demand Generation" and "PM Ecommerce".


Here a Project insered for us in a FOLDER (name of the customer), on the right you can see the path and understand where PROJECT is in.

If you want to a have single SPACE for each "entity" I suggest you to use a new Table View, clic con three dots and select "Parent row". You can easily see space.


I hope it can be useful.

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Hi Pietro Poli, thanks for taking the time to make such a detailed reply.

Yes, I was looking for the info like this, but it was simply not there.
Though that new table view with Parent Row view you mentioned is new for me so that's really great to learn, thanks!

The Wrike support team contacted me directly and they are helping us work through the issue.

When it is resolved, either myself or someone from wrike should come back to update this to help others who find themselves in a similar situation.

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Let me know Angela Kennewell


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