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Team Plan: Level Up Your Work With Request Forms

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Business Plus

Enterprise Standard

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On the Team plan, users can level up the work of their team by adding request forms to their day-to-day routine.

Request forms help simplify your team's intake workflow and add structure to the request system. For users submitting requests, requests bring clarity to the request process, ensure that requests are added to the appropriate location, and decrease the chances that requests are lost.

Here are a few examples of ways that requests can help your team:

  • For Marketing: Create requests for creative materials, blog posts, or one-pagers.

  • For IT: Create requests for new hardware, to report software problems, or ask for access to company software.

  • For Human Resources: Create requests for new hire desk setup, new job postings, or candidate referrals.

  • For Developers: Create requests for bug reports, new product features, or technical help.

Creating a request form

Space admins can create request forms. Once created, all users in the account (or outside when using the public link) can access the request form and can submit requests.

  1. Open a space in which you want to create form.

  2. Click the gear icon next to the space name 1.

  3. Select the Request forms tab 2.

  4. If it is the first request form in your account, click Create a Request Form. Or +New form if you already have some request forms in your space.

  5. Next, you will be asked to fill out the following:

    1. Name for the request form 3

    2. Select and edit questions for your request forms 4. You can decide if the question is optional or required. Also, you can select where to map the answer: the title of the item or its description, start or due date (for date-type questions), and custom field values.

    3. Add several pages (optional) 5

    4. Select if it is going to be a public request form 6 (such a form can be shared via a link with people outside of your account). If you select to ask for the requester's email address, in the future you will be able to answer to the requester by email right from the Wrike workspace. Learn more about it here.

    5. Select a location for the created item 7. Note that only projects within the current space can be selected.

    6. Select an assignee for the created item 8. Once the item is created, the assignee will get an Inbox notification about it.

  6. Click Save to save the draft of the form or click Publish 9 to make the form available to users.


After the form is created, any admin of this space can make changes to it, as well as delete it from the account.


If you select the form to be public, anyone with a link to the request form can fill it out and submit it. A unique HTML code snippet for the created form is generated, which can be copied and pasted into one of your website pages, thus embedding the form. This will allow your website visitors to see and submit the form directly from the site.

Submitting a request form

Once the form is created, any user in the account can submit it.

  1. Click the green plus button next to your profile picture 1.

  2. Select Request 2 from the list.

  3. Select the form you need from the list (you can also use search to locate it).

  4. The request form opens, fill out all the necessary info 3, and click Submit. 4


When you submit a request, Wrike automatically:

  • Creates an item in the location specified in the request form settings

  • Populates the item with information from the request form fields.

  • Assigns the item to the specified person.