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Working with Tasks and Items in the New Board View


This is a new feature being piloted and, as a result, it is subject to changes and improvements. Please feel free to use the feedback links in Wrike Labs to share your thoughts on this beta feature.

Table 193. Availability - Legacy plans


The New Board view is available by default on all Business and higher accounts created after June 29th, 2022 and on all accounts with the Wrike Team plan.

All accounts created before June 29th, 2022 have classic board view, learn about it here. Users on Business and higher accounts can enable the New Board view for their personal accounts from Wrike Labs here.

All users can use the New Board view.

In the New Board view, it's simple to make changes to task and task-based custom item statuses and keep your project, folder, or space organized. You can also sort and filter within the view so you see only what you choose.

Change task and item status in the New Board view

By default, all users can change task and task-based item statuses, but this may be limited by your access role, or when a custom workflow has fixed transitions.

  1. Click a task or task-based item and don't release the mouse button.

  2. Drag it to the appropriate status column.

  3. Drop it in the appropriate column. The status will change to match the status of the column you drag it to.

The status is updated and will be reflected in all views.

Filter tasks and items in the New Board view

All users can filter tasks and task-based items in the New Board view.

  1. Open a folder, project, or space in the New Board view.

  2. Click Filters in the panel above the view 1.

  3. The filter panel opens on the right side of the workspace 2 and allows you to select filtering options. You can also clear all current filters in this panel or add custom fields as filters.

Change sorting in the New Board view

All users can sort tasks and task-based items in the New Board view.

  1. Open a folder, project, or space in the New Board view.

  2. Click the current sorting option (to the right of filtering options) at the top left of the view.

  3. Choose the sorting option you want to apply from the drop-down list (Priority, Due Date, Importance, or Title).