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Managing Workflows from the New Board view


This is a new feature being piloted, and as a result, it is subject to changes and improvements. Please feel free to use the feedback links in Wrike Labs to share your thoughts on this beta feature.

Table 185. Availability - Legacy plans


The New Board view is available by default on all Business and higher accounts created after June 29th, 2022 and on all accounts with the Wrike Team plan.

All accounts created before June 29th, 2022 have classic board view, learn about it here. Users on all accounts types can enable the New Board view for their personal accounts from Wrike Labs here.

Users in Business and Enterprise accounts can make changes to workflows in the New Board view.

Change the workflow from the New Board view

By default all user types except collaborators can change the current workflow from the New Board view, however, to do so a user must have a full or editor access role in the relevant space, folder, or project.

  1. Open a folder, project, or space in the New Board view.

  2. Click Workflow in the panel above the view.

  3. Scroll through the available workflows or use the search bar and select the desired workflow.


Tasks and task-based items in a status not included in the current workflow will be moved to the furthest right column, which is called From other workflows.

Editing the current workflow from the New Board view

Account admins can edit the current workflow from inside the New Board view.

  1. Open a folder, project, or space in New Board view.

  2. Select Edit workflow on the right-hand side of the view header.

  3. Click Add status 1 to add a new task status.

  4. A menu appears where you can:

  5. You can also click on an existing status to rename it, select Delete to delete it 5, or drag and drop a status to a different order in its status group.

  6. Click Save to save the changes 6.