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Attaching Files From ShareFile to Wrike

Table 19. Availability - Legacy plans


Once the integration with ShareFile is set up, all users can attach files from ShareFile to Wrike tasks, folders, and projects.


When setting up an integration, admins have the right to rename the integration as well as change its icon. If you don't see Citrix ShareFile in the list of locations from which you can attach files, please contact your account admin for more information.

Attaching files from ShareFile


Wrike users have to log into ShareFile to attach, preview, and download files from ShareFile, as well as upload files from Wrike to ShareFile.

  1. Open any task, folder, or project in Wrike

  2. Click the Attach files 1 button on the panel above the description field or click the +Add files 2 button in the attachments panel.

  3. Select Citrix ShareFile 3 from the list of options.

  4. In the pop-up that opens, you can browse through ShareFile folders and between different sections, including Recent, Shared Folders, and Personal Folders. Double-click the folders you want to open to locate the necessary file. You can use search to find content by file name.

  5. Select one or multiple files that you want to attach and click Attach files. 4

  6. The file will then be attached to a task, folder, or project, and will be marked with a ShareFile icon.



Access to linked files is defined by ShareFile's sharing state. This means that if the attached file is set as private in ShareFile, a user who has access to the task but doesn't have access to the file in ShareFile won’t be able to preview it in Wrike.

Once a file is attached, you can:

  • Open and preview the file (images, PDF files, Microsoft Office documents).

  • Comment on a file with visual markups (using Proofing). Users on legacy Business and Enterprise accounts must have the Wrike Proof add-on or the Wrike for Marketers package to use proofing and file approvals.

  • Add the file to Approvals (guest reviews are not supported). Users on legacy Business and Enterprise accounts must have the Wrike Proof add-on or the Wrike for Marketers package to add files to approvals.

  • Download the file (authentication in ShareFile is required).

  • Rename the file. Please note that the name of the file will only be changed in Wrike, not in ShareFile.


If a file attached from ShareFile has more than one version, all versions will be shown in the Wrike Proof version panel. When a file is updated in ShareFile, Wrike users may receive a notification when opening the file in Wrike that it has a newer version and they can switch to it right away.