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Wrike Marketing Insights


With the help of Wrike Marketing Insights account owners and admins can integrate data from their digital marketing and ad campaigns into Wrike.

Wrike for Marketing Insights enables digital marketers to get easy access to performance metrics right where their work happens. When campaign managers launch a new ad, email, or campaign, performance metrics automatically flow in and are aggregated to easily swap between an asset performance, the ad, ad groups, the medium, the campaign, or the channel - giving the marketing team the transparency they need to optimize results.

With the help of Marketing Insights, it is possible to:

  • Integrate data from Facebook, AdWords, Google Analytics, and more into Wrike

  • See your work progress and KPIs from marketing systems in one place

Available data

There are 4 types of marketing fields available for users:

  • Marketing common (highlighted in blue) - includes connection type, source, the name of the campaign, dates of the campaign, currency, custom revenue of the campaign, ad, and ad set. These fields are pre-configured and map to UTM parameters to calculate KPIs relevant to the corresponding project or task. You can change the value, but not the field name or type.

  • Advertisement (highlighted in pink) - includes metrics specific for ad campaigns: views, clicks, impressions, conversions as well as costs, purchase, and revenue. The data in these fields can’t be edited.

  • Email marketing (highlighted in green) - includes metrics specific for email campaigns: clicks, impressions, unique emails sent and opened and clicked, as well as the amount spent, purchase, and revenue. The data in these fields can’t be edited.

  • Web analytics (highlighted with yellow) - shows numbers of users, new users, impressions, sessions, conversions, and transactions as well as transactions revenue and purchases. The data in these fields can’t be edited.