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Release Notes-December 14

Feature Updates

  • Emoji's in Inbox Notifications
    • Emojis now show up in Inbox notifications. Enjoy those smileys. 
  • Subscribing to Reports
    • The ability to subscribe to Reports is out of Labs and available for anyone with access to Reports.
  • Change Report Name
    • Now you can change a Report's name directly from the Report view (without opening the Report Builder). Hooray for one less step. 
  • Android App Update
    •  We rolled out new ways to access the Android app. For app versions 4.3 - 5.1 we have PIN access and for app versions 6.0+ we have PIN and fingerprint access. Visit app settings to set up either.


  • Compact Task List
    • Before: If you enabled the Compact Task List from Labs, then created a new task and clicked anywhere, the Task View didn't open. Instead, you had to open the task manually. Now: The logic is the same as with the regular task list (List View). When you create a task and then click anywhere, the Task View automatically opens.
  • Entering Assignees
    • Before: From the Table View: 1) You used the tab key to switch to the "Assignee" column, 2) Began typing someone's name, 3) Hit enter to select a user, 4) The assignee cell remained empty. Now: The assignee's name appears in the cell.
  • Hiding Empty Folders
    • Before: If you used the "Hide empty folders" option in the Table View, then empty Folders disappeared. However, if you then changed which filters were applied, the empty Folders mysteriously reappeared. Now: Empty Folders stay hidden even after you change the filters. 

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