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Release Notes-November 30

Feature Updates

  • Subscribe to Reports
    • Currently in Labs. Anyone with access to a Report can now subscribe to it so that you receive reminders to check out the Report. You'll get an Inbox notification and email with a link to the Report. 
  • iOS App
    • We have a new version of our iOS app. Some highlights: faster app (rejoice!), support for login via Office 365, and usability improvements for the description field.
  • Custom Fields Dropdown
    • Before: All Custom Fields dropdowns were flexible, you could select a dropdown value or enter something else. Now: You can have flexible dropdowns or strict dropdowns, where you can only select certain values (you can't enter a value not in the dropdown list).
  • Mobile Icons in Streams
    • If you make an update from a mobile device, the task stream shows a mobile icon next to the update on task Activity Steams and in the regular Stream tab. The mobile icon does not appear when you access Wrike from a mobile app. 


  • Firefox Remove Groupings
    • Before: In Firefox, you could not remove Report groupings. Now: You can. 
  • Party Themes Without Party Fouls
    • This was a short-lived bug. Before: If you had a party theme enabled in Labs, then there was no dividing line between the Task List and the Task View. Now: The dividing line appears (as it should).

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