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Release Notes-November 30

If your workspace looks different, or if you can't follow the instructions described on this page you might have the New Wrike Experience enabled. Click here to find out more.

Feature Updates

  • Subscribe to Reports
    • Currently in Labs. Anyone with access to a Report can now subscribe to it so that you receive reminders to check out the Report. You'll get an Inbox notification and email with a link to the Report. 
  • iOS App
    • We have a new version of our iOS app. Some highlights: faster app (rejoice!), support for login via Office 365, and usability improvements for the description field.
  • Custom Fields Dropdown
    • Before: All Custom Fields dropdowns were flexible, you could select a dropdown value or enter something else. Now: You can have flexible dropdowns or strict dropdowns, where you can only select certain values (you can't enter a value not in the dropdown list).
  • Mobile Icons in Streams
    • If you make an update from a mobile device, the task stream shows a mobile icon next to the update on task Activity Steams and in the regular Stream tab. The mobile icon does not appear when you access Wrike from a mobile app. 


  • Firefox Remove Groupings
    • Before: In Firefox, you could not remove Report groupings. Now: You can. 
  • Party Themes Without Party Fouls
    • This was a short-lived bug. Before: If you had a party theme enabled in Labs, then there was no dividing line between the Task List and the Task View. Now: The dividing line appears (as it should).