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Release Notes-November 23

If your workspace looks different, or if you can't follow the instructions described on this page you might have the New Wrike Experience enabled. Click here to find out more.

Feature Updates

  • Android App
    • Wrike's Android app got a big UI update. Items from the left-hand panel (Inbox, My Work, Dashboard, Folders) are now located in a bottom toolbar.
  • Cleaned Up Reports
    • There used to be small icons to the left of the words "Edit" and "Shared" on Reports. We removed the icons to make the Reports View cleaner. 


  • Subtask Sorting on the Table View
    • Before: Subtasks on the Table View were sorted based on the order they were added in. Now: Subtasks are sorted alphabetically (by title). 
  • Report Snapshots (Table Format)
    • Before: You couldn't open a task from a table-type Report Snapshot (even if you had access to it). Now: When you click on a task from a Snapshot and you have access to it, the task opens. If you don't have access to the task, you see an error message and the task does not open.