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Wrike is available in five different subscription tiers. Check our Pricing page for more information about the pricing plan for each tier.

Wrike Subscription Options

Check below for a quick overview of each plan and links to pages with more details.

  • Free- simple solution for individuals, or teams of up to five, that need product management software.
  • Professional- for individuals or teams of up to 15 that want (or need) a project planning and collaboration tool.
  • Business- a powerful work management system for teams that need customization options and reporting.
  • Wrike for Marketers- tailor made for creative and marketing teams looking to streamline their workflows and keep better track of their work.
  • Wrike for Professional Services - the perfect solution for teams in services-based companies who look for ways to efficiently collaborate with clients, streamline project management, and improve resource allocation.
  • Enterprise-  for teams that need advanced security and expanded administration options.

Please note, seats for all paid plans are sold in groups of 5.