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Release Notes-October 19

New Features

  • Wrike and GitHub Two-Way Sync
    • Two-Way Sync between Wrike and GitHub is now available for all paid accounts. Developers in GitHub and Project Managers in Wrike: rejoice. 
  • Wrike and JIRA Two-Way Sync
    • Now Regular Users and Admins can enable the sync (before it was only admins).
  • Sorting Reports
    • New sorting options in the Report and Report Snapshot view. You can sort by Report: name, owner, if it's shared, and last update. Go ahead and start sorting things out. 


  • New My Work
    • Before: When a user was unassigned from a task in the Today or Later sections of My Work, the task didn't disappear from My Work. Now: When a user is unassigned from a task, it's removed from My Work.
  • New Task Assignments
    • Before: 1) Someone submitted a Request form and a user was automatically assigned to the resulting task. 2) The assignee didn't receive an email notification about the new assignment. Now: Task assignees receive email notifications about new tasks assigned to them (if their email notifications are turned on).

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