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Release Notes-August 8

If your workspace looks different, or if you can't follow the instructions described on this page you might have the New Wrike Experience enabled. Click here to find out more.

Feature Updates

  • Audit Log Reports
    • You can now use Audit Log reports to monitor more changes, including: user role changes, when items are shared, and attachments being uploaded/deleted.
  • Streamlined Activity Stream
    • Before: Each Proofing comment, and all activity related to Approvals, resulted in a new entry in Activity Streams. We updated the logic to allow related activities to be grouped together. Now the stream looks more streamlined. Pun intended. 

Bugs Fixed

  • Zoom on Timeline View
    • For a time, you couldn't properly zoom out on the Timeline and Workload Views. We fixed it and now zoom works the way it should again. 
  • Notifications for User Groups
    • In some cases, when you @mentioned a User Group, the user's in that group were not getting email notifications. That's the wrong way to get to inbox zero. The bug was fixed and now people are receiving email notifications as they should be.