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What's New in Wrike - October

October’s edition of What's New in Wrike includes updates on Automation, New Dashboards, Generative AI, and more!

Spaces — Open Settings From the New Sidebar

Available to space admins on all plans.

We've added the option to access the space setting directly from the New Sidebar, to do so click on the gear icon next to the Space overview button.


Item view — Location field is back under the item's name

Available to all users on all plans.

We've listened to your feedback and brought back the location field under the item’s title in the Item view.


Automation — Triggers updated, new actions available, and rule duplication option added

We have improved our Change assignee trigger, allowing you to activate a rule based on any changes made to the assignee field. In this trigger, you can choose among the following options: any changes are made to the assignee list, any users are added or removed from assignees, or specific users are added or removed. Job roles are supported as well!

We have also added the Change assignee action, which includes the options to: change to specific users or job roles, add specific assignees, remove specific assignees, or remove all existing assignees.

The Change location action now allows you to add or remove specific locations, add and remove locations at the same time, and move items to a different location.

In addition to the new actions and trigger improvements, we have introduced the ability to duplicate automation rules by right-clicking on the rule’s name and then selecting the Duplicate option. It is possible to duplicate rules both in the Automation tab in space settings and in the Automation section in the account settings.


Calendars — Public links available from the toolbar

We've streamlined the process of creating public links in the Calendars tool, and for a better user experience, we've relocated the Public links button to the toolbar.


Generative AI — Edit comments

Available from Wrike Labs

We continue to enhance our Generative AI feature (which you can enable in Wrike Labs) and you can now take advantage of this feature when creating a comment.

You can use Generative AI to edit the comment before publishing it. With the help of this feature you can translate the text, create a summary, correct spelling mistakes or make your comment shorter and more concise.


New Dashboards — Creation flow updated, widget duplication added, and dragging and dropping items between widgets available

Available from Wrike Labs.

We've enhanced the creation flow for the New Dashboards by displaying a full-size window when setting up a new dashboard. This improvement makes it easier for you to select all the relevant parameters that will shape the data contained in your widget.

We’ve also added a new widget: Starred Tasks!


Additionally, all new and classic dashboards are now located under the account Dashboards section. Previously, the classic dashboards that were upgraded to the new design were only accessible under the Tool section of the space they belonged to.


You can now drag and drop items between widgets in New Dashboards. Note that it only works when the item matches the filters applied to the destination widget.

Also, it is now possible to duplicate widgets. Click the three-dot menu button located next to the widget’s title and select Duplicate.