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Tasks by User Chart in the Analytics View

Table 90. Availability






The Tasks by User Chart is a bar graph that shows a user’s assigned tasks grouped by their status group. Hover over a section of a bar on the graph to see how many tasks are in that status. Each section of the bar graph is colored differently depending on the type of task it represents:

  • Active tasks are blue.

  • Overdue tasks are red.

  • Completed tasks are green.

  • Cancelled tasks are grey.

  • Deferred tasks are purple.


Customize what's displayed on the chart

  1. Click the chart’s three-dot menu button (located in the upper right-hand corner above the chart).

  2. Select Edit from the drop-down list.

  3. Click the drop-down arrow to the left of Include tasks. Here you'll see options to include tasks assigned to everyone or specific user(s), or created by anyone or specific user(s). 1

  4. In the Show section 2, use the checkboxes to the left of each status to either show or hide the data related to that status group.