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Project Info Panels

Table 111. Availability - Legacy plans


All users can view project info panels, and all users except collaborators can use them to edit projects.

Project info panels are a quick way to access relevant information about projects, edit them, and add information or files.


In accounts created starting from March 31, 2023, this view is not available and Item View is displayed instead.

Open the project info panel

  1. From the Home page, navigate to the space that contains the relevant project.

  2. Select a project from the workspace’s left-hand navigation panel.

  3. The project info panel opens by default.


Navigate the project info panel

From the project info panel you can:

  • Tag a project in additional locations.

  • Rename a project.

  • Attach files directly to the project.

  • View and edit the project status.

  • Add project owners.

  • Create approvals.

  • View and edit who the project is shared with.

  • Change the project's default workflow.

  • Switch the project to billable or non-billable (if using Enterprise Pinnacle or the legacy Wrike for Professional Services and Wrike Resource).

  • View and change how to calculate project progress.

  • View and edit who follows the project.

  • Access a project’s permalink or direct email address.

  • Use the upper right three-dot menu button to access options to print the info panel, delete the project, close the info panel, and enable dates rollup.

  • View the project's custom fields and edit data in those fields.

  • View and edit the start and end dates.

  • Add information to the project's description field.

  • Add a comment directly to the project.