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New Wrike Experience FAQs

Why are you rolling out the New Wrike Experience?

Based on user feedback, research, and investigation, we knew our UI and UX needed improvement, so we set about rethinking Wrike. Our goal is to empower you to use Wrike in the way that works best for you while helping your team to work as one. The New Experience brings a fresh look to your workspace, making it easier to navigate Wrike and quickly access your work.

How do I know which version of Wrike I’m using?

If your Wrike home page looks like this, with the logo in the middle, then you're using the New Wrike Experience:


If Wrike looks like this when you open it, with the logo on the left-hand side, then you’re using the Classic version of Wrike:


When will the New Wrike Experience be enabled for me?

A sunset phase of the Classic Wrike Experience is now in progress. By the end of October 2021, we will have almost 100% of users migrated to the New Wrike Experience. If you’re unsure about your migration date, please reach out to your Wrike representative for clarification.

How can I learn more about the New Wrike Experience?

When you see the New Wrike Experience for the first time, a welcome tour will highlight the new functionality and show you around. Our Help Center has also been updated to house resources related to the New Wrike Experience. Use the search bar at the top to find information on the various features in Wrike.

Finally, check out this excellent resource to help get you up to speed with the New Wrike Experience.

What if I have some feedback on the New Experience?

You can leave feedback directly in Wrike by clicking on your profile image and selecting Leave feedback, or in Wrike Assistant by clicking Leave feedback.

I have some more questions. Where can I get assistance?

You can ask a question in our Community or submit a request for assistance from our Support team.