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My Home Page

Table 1. Availability - Legacy plans


My Home, also called the Home page, is available for all users on all Wrike accounts.

The Home page is the default page in Wrike and the starting point for accessing your workspace. When you log into Wrike, it's the first page you'll see, and you can return to it at any time by clicking the Home icon in the top left corner of your workspace or the Wrike logo if you're on the Settings page.


If you don’t see a Home page in your account that means that you already have Wrike Lightspeed enabled. Please learn more about Wrike Lightspeed here.

Inbox widget

The left-hand side of the Home page contains the Inbox widget, which displays your incoming Inbox notifications in chronological order, including those that have been read. It doesn't display the content of the Sent or Archive sections of your Inbox.


Using the icons on the messages displayed, you can:

  • Snooze a notification 1 until a later time or date.

  • Archive a notification 2.

  • Mark a notification as unread 3.

Hamburger icon


In the top left-hand corner of the home page is the Hamburger icon 1. Clicking it opens a navigation bar where your pinned items are listed 2, and which can take you to any of your spaces 3 (and the tools 4, folders, and projects 5 in those spaces), as well as Shared with me 6, Blueprints 7, your Recycle bin 8, and a button to Invite users 9.

Quick navigation

The central area of the Home page contains three (or four) sections to help you navigate your Wrike account: Spaces, Recent, Pinned, and Recommended Tasks.

These sections can be rearranged on your Home page. Use the three-dot More menu that appears to the right when you hover over the section title and select Move up or Move down. Alternatively, use the drag-and-drop icon dnd_icon.png that appears to the left of the section.

The menus of the Spaces and Pinned sections also allow you to switch between sorting by Custom or Title. In addition in the Spaces, Pinned, and Recent section you can use the menu to change the appearance of items in these sections to List, Small tiles, or Large tiles.


Your Personal space and spaces you've joined are listed on your Home page. In this section you can:

  • Hide any space by hovering over it and using the three-dot menu that appears.

  • Drag and drop spaces to re-order them.

  • Use the three-dot menu at the top of the section to switch between alphabetical or custom sorting.


The pinned section shows projects, folders, tools, and custom Wrike views that you've pinned for quick access. In this section you can:

  • Drag and drop pinned items to re-order them.

  • Use the three-dot menu at the top of the section to switch between alphabetical or custom sorting.


Pinned items can also be found in the left-hand navigation menu where they are displayed in the same order as they appear on the Home page.

Recent tasks

The recent section shows projects and folders that you've recently accessed. It shows four items by default but can be expanded by clicking Show more. This section is sorted according to which items you've most recently accessed.

Recommended tasks

Recommended tasks uses AI to look at tasks assigned to you and checks their due dates, prioritization, how often you’ve commented on them, to figure out which tasks are your current top priority. It then displays 4-8 of them on your Home page.

If a task features in your Recommended tasks which is not a priority for you, you can delete it by hovering over the task and clicking the X which appears to the right.

Applications and Global views

The right-hand navigation bar of the Home page contains your applications, also called Global views. These are also available throughout your workspace from the Launchpad icon next to your profile picture.

My to-do and Created by me are smart folders in Wrike, which each user has by default. They appear at the top of the right-hand navigation panel on your Home page.

Applications such as Dashboards, Reports, and Stream are located in the middle section of this navigation bar. Any of them can be hidden using the three-dot menu that appears when you hover over their tile.

Shared with me, Recycle bin, and Blueprints are located at the bottom of this navigation panel and are always available on your Home page.

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