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Release Notes-August 22

 Feature Updates

  • Log In as Another User
  • Hover and Attachments
    • We made it easier to download files and add them to review. Now you just hover over an attachment and click the download icon or "Add to Review". 
  • Offline Requests on iOS
    • You're offline. You have an iPhone. You need to submit a Request. You can submit a Request from Wrike's iOS app while offline and your Request is submitted when you reconnect. 
  • Row Numbers in Reports
    • Reports needed row numbers. We added them. That's all. 


  • Email and Incorrect Formatting 
    • Sometimes, when you created a task via email, the description wasn't formatted correctly. Now, everything works as it should. 
  • Timelog Report and Last Week Filter 
    • If you created a Timelog Report and filtered by last week, there were some cases where entries from the current week would show up. We took care of it, Reports show the correct tasks.