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Release Notes-August 16

Feature Updates

  • Dynamic Time-Based Filters
    • We have two new time-based filters: 1) 7 days from current date 2) 30 days from current date.  If you're creating a widget or a Report, you'll see tasks due, starting, etc, 7 or 30 days from the date you are looking at the widget/Report.
  • Deactivate Users
    • Before you could only have active or deleted users. Now Enterprise admins can temporarily deactivate users so that they can't login to Wrike until they're reactivated.
  • Custom Fields and Request Forms
    • Admins on Business and Enterprise can map a Request form response to a text-type Custom Field. There's more details, read them on our Requests page. 
  • Task View Button Redesign
    • You may have noticed that buttons in a task's upper right hand corner have a new look and feel. New packaging, same functionality. 


  • Incorrect Permalinks 
    • Before if you created a Timelog Report and exported to Excel, the permalinks in the Excel file weren't what they were supposed to be. We took care of it, permalinks are correct now. 
  • External Request Forms and iOS App
    • Temporarily, iOS users could not submit Request forms which were available both internally and externally. Now they can.