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Release Notes-May 24

Feature Updates

  • Subtask and Task Statuses 
    • Subtasks and Tasks are getting a little closer. Now, when you complete an active parent task, you'll be asked if you want to complete any active subtasks as well. There's more to it, read more on our task page
  • Dynamic Request Form Upgrades 
    • Admins can now amp up their Request forms. Add assignees or parent Folders based on the answers a respondent chooses on dropdown or checkbox questions. Or trigger a Project from different templates based on which dropdown answer is selected. Learn more on our dynamic Request form page. 
  • UI Name Changes
    • You can search for Folders and Projects in the left-hand Folder tree. The functionality hasn't changed, but now instead of "Search" the Folder panel says "Filter".   


  • Broken Request Forms 
    • In certain cases when users tried to open a Request form, they got an error message. Fixed, all Request forms work properly now.