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Release Notes-January 25

If your workspace looks different, or if you can't follow the instructions described on this page you might have the New Wrike Experience enabled. Click here to find out more.

Feature Updates

  • Board View in Labs
    • The Board View is a spiffy new view that let's you see tasks organized into columns based on their status. Enable the new view from Wrike Labs
  • Create a Project via Forms
    • Now Admins can more quickly kickoff Projects by opting to have a Project (instead of a task) created when a Request is submitted. 


  • Excel Export from Reports
    • Before: When you exported a Report from Wrike to Excel, Date and Number type Custom Fields were exported as text. Now: They're exported as dates and numbers (unless you checked the box next to "Use 1000 separator", we're still working on that use case).
  • Add User with Incorrect Email
    • Before: If you clicked "Add Users" in the Workspace footer and entered an incorrect email, the window would close, but the invitation wouldn't send. Now: The "Invite users" window doesn't close and the incorrect email is highlighted so you can make changes.