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Release Notes-January 25

Feature Updates

  • Board View in Labs
    • The Board View is a spiffy new view that let's you see tasks organized into columns based on their status. Enable the new view from Wrike Labs
  • Create a Project via Forms
    • Now Admins can more quickly kickoff Projects by opting to have a Project (instead of a task) created when a Request is submitted. 


  • Excel Export from Reports
    • Before: When you exported a Report from Wrike to Excel, Date and Number type Custom Fields were exported as text. Now: They're exported as dates and numbers (unless you checked the box next to "Use 1000 separator", we're still working on that use case).
  • Add User with Incorrect Email
    • Before: If you clicked "Add Users" in the Workspace footer and entered an incorrect email, the window would close, but the invitation wouldn't send. Now: The "Invite users" window doesn't close and the incorrect email is highlighted so you can make changes. 

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