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Release Notes-January 11

Feature Updates

  •  iOS App Update
    • New year, updated iOS app. Some big changes: 1) The navigation menu is at the bottom of the app (instead of in a side navigation panel), 2) Reply to an @mention directly from push notifications, and 3) The app is now faster and more stable. 


  • Bullet Point Indention 
    • The indent and unindent buttons in the description field worked inconsistently. Now: Fixed. You can indent and unindent lists to your heart's content.
  • Edit Custom Workflows
    • Situation: You can't move the first status in Active and Completed groups within a workflow. Before: You could drag the first status to a different slot, but the changes wouldn't save, the first status remained the first status. Now: You can't drag and drop the first status to a different slot. 

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