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Item View

Table 3. Availability - Legacy plans


All users can open the Item View of items that are shared with them.

The Item View is the detailed view of task- and project-based custom items. When you click on a custom item in some view or other areas of the workspace, the Item View opens on the right or in the overlay. For project-type custom items, you can also click the project info icon to open its Item View.


In all eligible accounts created starting from March 31, 2023, the Item View is the default view not only for custom items but also for all regular tasks, projects, and folders in the account.

Navigate the Item View

You can display the Item view in two ways, depending on your preference for viewing the item's fields: on the side or above the description field. To change the


The way the Item View of a custom item looks depends on the settings of the custom item type. Custom item types are customizable, and you can hide some sections and fields or add them to the view. Therefore, not all custom work items created from different custom types will look the same. But generally speaking, the Item View might display all or some of the following attributes:

  • The icon of the custom item type 1 from which the item is created and the item's name. If you have editing rights, you can click the icon to adjust the type settings

  • The permalink icon and the three-dot options menu of the item 2

  • Item status field 3

  • Item's assignee field. Note that in project-type custom items, the Assignee field is equivalent to the project owner of regular projects 4

  • Item's dates field 5

  • The More/Less button 6 opens/collapses the item's fields panel with:

    • Fields search 7: Look for relevant fields by searching for the name of the field or the value in the field

    • Location: Which folders, projects, or spaces the item is tagged in

    • Importance (only in task-type items)

    • Author

    • Created date

    • Item type: Here, you'll see the custom item type from which the current item is created

    • ID

    • Custom fields, if there are any

    • The More fields section 8 displays fields inherited from parent items.

  • Item toolbar 9 with:

    • Quick access to the Subitems section (only in task-type items)

    • Quick access to the Files section

    • Approvals section

    • Quick access to the Dependencies section (only in task-type items)

    • Timer section

  • Description field section 10

  • Stream 11

  • Comments 12

Changing what's displayed in the Item View is possible by editing the custom item type. But remember that when you do that, the Item View will change in all custom items created from that custom item type and any section or field that you hide becomes unavailable in the Item View (except for approvals automated via custom workflows). Item View of non-custom items cannot be changed.


On Wrike Team accounts, the Item View is not customizable. But different kinds of work items might still have different sections and fields displayed.


How do I manage my custom fields on a certain folder/project in the Wrike Lightspeed UI?

To manage custom fields for the selected project/folder/project-type item utilize the 'Fields' section in the New Table view. It allows you to search, enable/disable, and create new custom fields.