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Drag & Drop upload files as new versions

Hey Wrike gang, Just had a thought that would help speed up our team, would be the ability to upload new versions of files by dragging and dropping onto the file to be replaced in Wrike, instead of...

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[Status: Backburner ⌛️] Report on Custom Field History

Hey Community!   I would love to see a feature in Wrike that allows me to report on the history of custom fields across multiple tasks in one hit.  The addition of Custom Field history in Labs is v...

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See users timelines by clicking their name

Hiya!   I'd love a way that would show if I hovered or clicked over a user that it would bring up a mini version of their timeline so I can quickly see if that user has available time in the view I...

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Quickly see users that are "free"

Hi,   I would love to have the ability to quickly see if any of my team have nothing assigned to them over a period of time, or to report back on what days someone in my team is free.   I'm current...


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