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  3. [Status: Not planned] Recurrent Parent + Subtasks

Yes pleeaasseee!!! This would be hugely helpful for us. Many of our users have asked for it, and I keep telling them to do workarounds.    Would be a huge value add!

  1. Community
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  3. [Status: Backburner ⌛️] Reset User Passwords Capability Needed for Admin's

Hi there,   As an administrator who supports a medium-sized organization of individuals in a country where digital literacy is not very high, this would make my life a LOT easier. Please consider i...

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  2. Product Feedback
  3. [Status: Backburner ⏳] Adding Progress Bar in Tasks

Hey @...,  We're also looking to implement OKRs at our organization and our COO has requested that I find a way to have percentage completion of tasks. I believe my update just pushed this thread o...


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