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  • Find all projects, folders shared to a particular group

    I want to delete a old user group that is no longer needed. When I try to do this I get an error that the group can't be deleted because some items are still shared with that group and told I have ...

  • Share custom field with everyone again after it's been restricted

    I have a number of custom fields, most of which are shared with everyone (the default when they created). I have restricted a few fields to a smaller group. I now want to make one of the fields tha...

  • Move multiple tasks on the timeline

    Is there any way to select and move multiple tasks in the Timeline view? And in a similar vein, is there a way to move a whole Task/Subtask block together? I've set up a project template with sever...

  • Automatic mail forwarding to Wrike

    I want to be able to create a new task in Wrike from all emails sent to a particular email account (e.g. newbrief@aaaaa.com). I have created a New Briefs folder in Wrike and I am trying to forward ...

  • [Status: Launched! 🚀] Customising Project status

    Is it possible to customise the status dropdown list for a project? I'd like to have more specific labels than Red, Yellow and Green, and add a few more statuses.

  • Ability to make a task a subtask

    There is an option to detach subtasks from the parent task to create a separate task. Can we have the option to do the opposite—to add an existing task as a subtask of another task ('attach' a task...

  • [Status: Not planned] Ability to merge tasks

    I sometimes come across the situation when two (or more) different people, usually in different teams, set up separate instances of the same task. An example would be the creation of a piece of col...