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Mass adding tasks to projects already created

Hello 🙂 This may be a little niche, so apologies if no one else has come across a need for this... We have projects that are built from a series of blueprints (currently 70 active) that reference e...

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Make a report automatically refresh

Hello, I've built a report that highlights what projects are being run from our studios in the hope that this can sit on a monitor in the office to display the information. But i'm wondering if the...

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"Stock" Tracking

Hello! (not sure if this is possible) We have limited equipment stocks, at the moment the cameras for example are a custom field and the operator says if they are being used or not. This then feeds...

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Custom Calendar design

Hello, Only a week into getting set up and using Wrike for my team. I'm looking at the best way to replicate (if possible) a calendar view we're all quite used to, that has been quite a manual proc...