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  3. Add Notifications for Emoji Reactions to Thread Comments

I NEED to receive a notification when some one responds with just an emoji! We now live in a world where much is communicated with just a THUMBS UP emoji. And Wrike doesn't tell me when someone...

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  3. [Competition] Introducing Live Training Sessions at Collaborate 2022 😎

Session 2 please :)

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  3. 🚀 Releases - Collaborate 2023 Competition & Lightspeed Training Session; Grouping, File Column and New Single List in Table View; Automation: Templates & New Actions (11/13/2023)

How do I find the automation recommendations? I went to my settings and automation area. I don't see the recommendations.

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  3. [Beta] AI Subtask Creation 🤖

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  3. Find all projects, folders shared to a particular group

Lisa - Could you submit a ticket on my behalf regarding this issue. I'm struggling and loosing a ridiculous amount of time trying to use the work arounds to no success. Thanks. I really appreciate it!

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  3. [Competition] Wrike's Valentine's competition! 💚

I would share with Stacy Campbell - she loves Wrike!  


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