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Digital Project Manager at University of Michigan Ross School of Business.


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Request Form - Save as Draft

We would like the ability to save the project request form as a draft. This feature would offer the ability to complete filling out the form at a later time.  Our form is lengthy and sometimes it i...

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Team Feedback Survey?

Hi All,  We're one year into our Wrike partnership and I believe things are going well. In an effort to improve workflow and continue our user retention efforts, we'd like to send out an internal s...

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Do you perform regular backups of your Wrike account?

I recently learned about Quick and Full account backups. I've never done one and we've been on Wrike for almost 2 years.   Should I do regular backups of my account (for those of you that do, how ...

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Project Assets (Photos, website URLs, Doc links, PDF files)

How does everyone handle grouping project assets in Wrike?   Currently, links, images, logos are posted within individual tasks. Sometimes, once the project gets to the designer, they are left digg...


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