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  3. [Status: Launched! 🚀] Duplicate Reports

Hi, Another vote in favor of duplicating reports here, this would be really convenient to have. Regards   mdr

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  3. [Status: Backburner ⌛️] Set "Required" custom fields

Hi, Voting in favor of having the choice to make some custom fields mandatory.   Thank you

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  3. [From Wrike] What's new in Approvals

Hi Lisa! Thanks in advance for your response.  When selecting multiple approvers, is there a way to make Wrike allow move to the next status with just one of the approvers giving their consent? It ...

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  3. Time Spent vs Allocated Hours

Hi Stephen, Following on this tread, how do we get to activate the resource add-on? I don't see the Workload tab on my top menu to get access to it. Thank you, Jose