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Project management and productivity passionate, Wrike is my savior!


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  3. Automation on Folder Tag

Hi Yousaf,   Do you mean you want an actual copy of the task like if task 1 name is "start planning" you want to have a different task named "start planning 2" elsewhere or you want the same task (...

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  3. Gantt view > right click on a task, can't see the "add subtask"

Hi,   I personally create a task in Gantt chart where I want it to be and select it and choose the option to indent...  Very easy...  Yes different from the right click, but you can still create su...

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  3. Structure tasks by responsibility

Hi, I think there is more than one way of achieving this.  I guess you are in the list view of a project? The easiest way to see all tasks in a project attributed to staff I think is the ressource ...

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  3. [From Wrike] Collaborating, Collaborators, and Wrike

Hi.  I don't know if a Wrike rep would be able to answer this question about the max number of external collaborator we can have now?  In the original post, Stephanie is saying that people outside ...

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I use some blueprints during a project to add a phase or something and not to have my original project having too much tasks, but like Sven said, we might need more info to help you better,,,

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  3. Board View - Projects vs Tasks

I personnaly use Dashboards and it is great..!

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  3. Task Name Prefix Inconsistency - Duplicating Projects

9 months since the last update.  Any advancement on this?


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