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Brown Paper Tickets (the company I work for) uses Wrike for just about everything related to projects and tasks, and we've increased our productivity and efficiency dramatically since adopting Wrike. Wrike Integrate is a huge part of our workflow automation initiatives. In case they're helpful to anyone, I've posted a number of example Wrike Integrate community recipes, which can be found at https://www.workato.com/recipes/browse?q=laura%20boylan


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Wrike Integrate - Example recipes to automatically change task status after # days in a particular status

This Wrike Integrate example is designed to move tasks from one status to another automatically after a certain number of days in a particular status. For example, if a task remains in status Waiti...

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Wrike Integrate - Example recipe that sets task start/due dates from request form without requiring the form submitter to select the date multiple times

One of our frustrations with Wrike Request Forms has been the limitation related to date form fields and the inability to map a single form field to multiple task destinations (e.g. task start date...

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Wrike Integrate - Example process to post daily Slack reminders for unassigned tasks

Our use case: In several of our Wrike folders, tasks are not automatically assigned, and therefore are easily forgotten if staff doesn't pick up and assign these tasks as they come in. Our processe...

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Wrike Integrate - Example recipe to copy a task with subtasks where the subtask sort order needs to remain consistent

Our use case: We have a Wrike request form that allows staff to request help from our IT team. This form allows the submitter to select from a list of topics, one of which allows them to request a ...

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How to get the last task approval via API

I'm working on a custom workflow/automation where each task might have multiple associated approvals. I need to get information about just the latest approval, via API call. Ideally, I won't have t...

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Wrike Integrate - Example process for business travel requests with dynamic approvals

I hesitated in posting this example solution. It's complicated, and I'm not sure I've done an adequate job of explaining all the requirements/components. I decided to post what I have in case it's ...