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  3. [Competition] Wrike's Valentine's competition! 💚

I would share with Heather Laedtke 😃

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  3. [Status: Backburner⏳ ] Custom Field in Timelog Report

Our organization would greatly benefit from being able to do this. We are starting a new workload management initiative, and the timelog report having custom field options would greatly benefit us....

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  3. Ability to track time on a project itself

It would be awesome if we could track at a project/folder level with our team. We have many tasks that live within our projects that we track on, but there are so many generic things we do that are...

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  3. [Status: Launched! 🚀] Print Calendar View

I agree. The ability to print would be great. We create hundreds of calendars for our customers. Many of them like to have a printable calendar, as they have lots of staff in their offices that are...