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Takes way to long to up[date the header when trying to print off a change

Often we need to change the header text & then print off a new sheet for files for ISO compliance.   Why does it take so long for Wrike to update itself so that what we print is the same as what we...

  1. Community
  2. Product Feedback

[Status: Launched 🚀 in the New Wrike Experience] Save filtered view in table form

It would be good if once you set up a filtered view, particularly in table view that you could save the setup of that view so it can be easily recalled. The Wrike reports are extremely limited in f...

  1. Community
  2. Product Feedback

Desperately need to be bale to filter via text in the project title field for reports

Really need to be able to use text filters on the title or other fields in reports We have very organised naming conventions that could help us filter certain reports.

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MS Access Ability to connect to Wrike data in cloud

For Data manipulation or specific reporting Wrike is extremely limited & without basic functionality for most project teams. It would be good to use other applications such as MS Access or Crystal ...


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