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Do you want an help with Wrike or with HubSpot? Go here to schedule a meeting with me: https://meetings.hubspot.com/pietro-poli


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Future report

Hi!I'm creatig a new report to understand how our team will be charged in future. So, with Wrike Analyze I created a Pivot with: ROW -> User NameVALUE -> [Total Effort Task Effort (minutes)]/60VALU...

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Show predecessor task and status on workload chart

Hi!In our web agency we have several projects that have tasks with dependencies. For example: Task #1 -> Meeting with customer Task #2-> Internal Brief Task #3-> Activity Planning Task #2 is depend...

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Add comment like Wrike Bot

Hi! For a integrations that me and Francesco Mannino made with Wrike and our ERP, we need to comment a specific task if we found an error. Right now we have the ability to write a comment, like thi...

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Project Predictive Analysis

Hello everyone!I want to share with you a practice that is helping us a lot to avoid going over the maximum budget for orders. We are a Demand Generation digital agency and our clients often commis...

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Using Wrike like a Chat

Hi! I would also like to use Wrike to send and exchange messages with colleagues without having to use external software (we use Google Chat and in the past Slack). Often a request made to me in Go...

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Current date in formula

Hi folk! Do you know if is there any way to get Current Date (date of today) in Wrike Analyze and use it in formulas?   I'm creating something to show if project due date is exceeded. IF([Days in P...

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How do you setup task for meetings?

Hi everyone!In our agency we often have to deal with meetings (internal or with our clients and stakeholders).It is therefore essential for us:- have 1 task for each meeting (assigned to each inter...

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Wrike from Sales to Project Managers

In our agency, we needed to better structure the passage of new orders (new or existing customers) from the commercials to the development team. Our process includes: The commercial agrees with a ...


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