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I am trying to write the code for Wrike Integrate to be able to @mention a particular user.  Let's say, for example, to @ the user of the parent ID of the task that I have inquiring.  I have put the code in, and my results ends up as @KRUT356UHT (or some variation of the USER ID).  How do I turn it into the actual user?

Also, to note, if I just have INTEGRATE try to @mention a particular user in a comment, it only puts the message in and doesn't really @ anyone.  The example of Andrew Ash was just typed in.

See photos below.

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Here's the syntax to use:

<a class="stream-user-id avatar" rel="userID">@Username</a>

I'll post a link to the documentation in a subsequent comment, in the interest of getting this solution to you sooner (including links always delays a response from posting immediately, as links require community team approval)

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Kevin Tassistro Laura Boylan 

you need to get specific contact to post an "@" comment

for example, let's assume you already know the ID of the user you need to mention by getting the Supertask (which is the parent task in wrike api lingo)

if you have more then one assignee there or don't want to go to the trouble of pinpointing specific user details you can just write to all assignees

by using


<a class="stream-user-id avatar ai-936361 quasi-contact" rel="@assignees">@assignees</a>


this is the same as just writing @assignees in comment manually


if you want to contact a specific person then get him with a custom action 


you need to give an example of the response to the action to use the datapills later

in the phrase, Laura has posted above 

OR you can just use

<a class="stream-user-id avatar" rel="userID">@ANYTHING YOU WANT TO WRITE HERE</a>

and just use the user id without extra steps
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also this:

<a class="stream-user-id avatar ai-936361 quasi-contact" rel="@followers">@followers</a>
works as @followers too
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a related question to @mentions. I'm trying to transfer Jira issues to Wrike, including comments. How do I go about getting the comments to actually show the @mention rather than the user account ID? Here are some visuals of the recipe and the output I'm getting.  


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Hi Nikki Perez, thank you for reaching out! I asked our Support team members to reach out to you about this, and I can see they have 👍

Please let me know if we can help you with anything else! 

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