⏲️ Releases - Time tracking, filters, and adding on and on (02/24/2020)

Feature Updates

Time Tracking Upgrade

We've got a new and improved time tracker! Here's all the stuff you need to know before checking it out:

  • Before: The format for entering time was "1h30m". Now: You can enter 1:30 or 90 minutes instead (but the old way still works too).
  • If you click on the clock icon and hold it you can move up and down the page with your mouse and the amount of time tracked will increase when you scroll up and decrease when you scroll down.
  • Click keyboard arrows to add minutes (arrow up +15 minutes, arrow down -15 minutes).

Deactivated User in Picker

Now, when you assign a deactivated user from the user picker, you'll see "Deactivated" written next to this user in the list. Now you know why they've been oddly quiet on that task recently.

Job Roles Filters

When you apply the filter by a certain job role nearly anywhere in the workspace, you'll see tasks where this job role is one of the assignees. The only views where you cannot filter by roles, for now, are Reports, Calendars, and mobile apps. I guess you could say we're on a role!


Attachments From Outlook Add-in

You may have noticed that when you when you were using Wrike for Outlook, the email's attachments weren't added to tasks. For those of you whose Exchange server is in the cloud, this is now fixed!

MS Teams Login

There were some reports that it wasn't possible to see the "I already have an account" option when trying to join your Wrike team from the MS Teams Desktop App. This is fixed.

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Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Hello. This new feature update has caused time log issues for us. We weren't aware this update was happening. 

Ex. People intending to log 8 hours to a task, now have mistakenly logged as 8m since they have not been trained to log as 8:00. Can the default go back to hours as that is the experience everyone was used to?


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Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Hi Theresa, thanks for your input here 🙂
The reason that the time tracker was updated was due to feedback from users around it's functionality. One of the key conclusions from this feedback was that users preferred tracking time by minutes, rather than hours, which is why you've seen these changes.
I understand that it can be frustrating to have functionality change unexpectedly, but hopefully this gives some clarity on why these updates were made. If you have any other questions, or if you need any further assistance let me know 👍
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