Time frame filter options - looking into the past

Hey fellas,

I'd like to suggest two more filter options regarding the time frames:

similar to the options "30 days ahead" and "7 days ahead", I want to have the possibility to select "30 days past" and "7 days past". I wouldn't mind a 14 days filter in between those either.

I would need something like this in many Dashboards, where I want to look at which tasks have been completed in the past week (or month). The "last week" filter is not precise enough, because it would not show the tasks that have already been completed in the week you are in right now. The "This week" filter wouldn't really show anything at the beginning of the week.

The post below where it is suggested to select multiple filter options would also help with that problem.

Allow the filters to select multiple date ranges

I hope this is something you can get around to. It would really help us to get the most out of dashboards.



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We would love the ability to have various options for time frames. In particular, options like last 30 days, last 7 days etc but with the option to extend by plus/minus x number of months. We have a lot of instances where 

This would allow for saving of filters, reports, dashboard widgets etc - without having to constantly change things.

This shows options in our back office system - which is incredibly useful

It would also be useful to have the option to remove 'today' from widgets such as next 7 days, so as to reduce the duplication

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Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Dawn Kirby - I concur with the request for an option to remove "today" from widgets... one of our most widely used Dashboards has side-by-side widgets for Due Today and Next 7 Days. All of the Due Today tasks appear in both widgets, making the Next 7 Days widget less useful than it could be.

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