How to show project name (or tags) and dependency status next to the task's name on List, or any view

Hey there guys,

We are testing Wrike to move our editorial team from Trello.

The problem:

Our writers can't tell which project their tasks belong to. 

Let's say they're assigned 50 articles to write. And their task is named "Create First Draft". They will get the following in their "My to-do" folder:

As you can see the writer has no way to tell what he's going to write about. Nowhere it's showing the project's name (which would be the article's title).

It would be useful if it would show something like this:

There's a Wrike Article about Tags that says that this is actually a feature:

But I couldn't find a way to make it work.

I tried an option on list view to "Show Folders":

But that does absolutely nothing. And, even if it did, this option is not available on the "My to-do" View.


Dependent tasks

Neither did we find any way to tell if a task is dependent on a previous task. 

For example, all of these writer tasks are dependent on a "Create Brief" previous task assigned to an editor. These previous tasks have not been completed, yet, the "Create First Draft" tasks are showing for writers. Not only that, they can even (the writers) act on them and mark them as complete.

I read on other threads that this is a known issue and that there are no plans to fix it. 

Is there, at least, any visual queue that can be used to tell that these tasks shouldn't be acted upon?

For example:

In this example, the tasks that are dependent on an unfinished previous task, show greyed-out and show an icon for its unresolved dependency. The task whose previous task is completed, show actionable and can be worked on.


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Hey Eric G, welcome to the Community! 😊

I tried testing the issues you've been having with tags and can't seem to recreate them, I can raise a Support Ticket for you if you want?

As for the dependent tasks, there is currently no way to see dependencies in the List view. I'd recommend adding an upvote and comment to this post here, as it relates to this as a possible new feature! Once the post reaches 60 upvotes, our Product Team will be able to give you a status update on this as a feature.

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Eric, great post! We're dealing with a similar issue. Instead of wanting the Project Name (our Project tags do work), we're looking to have the Parent Task Name. We have a lot of deliverables within 1 project that have the same review flows. See below. Ideally, we would be able to toggle the Parent Task Name just like you do for the Project Name.

I also attempted to create a Report for this, but unfortunately you cannot pull in Parent Tasks into those either.



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