More Automated Time Tracking?

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My organization is leaning heavily on the Timer / Time Tracking features of Wrike to understand its workflows as well as for accounting purposes. The problem we have is the system relies a bit too much on users remembering to start/stop timers, or manually enter time after the fact. Ideally, a timer should stop automatically when you unassign a task from yourself, and you should get a popup warning you that a timer is running in a task that you've moved away from.

Is there anything like this in the works -- or is there a workaround anyone else has figured out? I realize it's a big ask, but at this point, the Timer feature is probably ironically costing us more time and skewing our numbers in the wrong direction, or at least making our data unreliable. 

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Hi Josh! Welcome to Wrike Community 👋
At the moment Wrike does not have the ability to automate time tracking on tasks. One way you could remind your team to use time tracking is to set a recurring task assigned to them with a title such as "Turn Time Tracking On" to ensure they remember to do it for you.
If there are any updates on whether or not this feature comes to Wrike I'll be sure to let you know! 😊
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