[Status: Backburner ⌛️] Apply Form to Existing Task

I'd like to choose from the task details menu to apply a form to the existing task. It would work almost like the forms that reference an existing task or blueprint task to duplicate it, but the new process would make changes to the existing task instead of duplicating it and making changes to the new one. On the forms side of things, there would be a new option of what to do when the form submits for editing an existing task. Only the forms with that option would show in the list from the details menu, and they wouldn't show in the normal forms list unless you supply an existing task to duplicate if the form isn't called from a specific task and fall back on that behavior. The existing task would keep it's description, assignments, and folder tags; any from the form would be added.

This concept can also be expanded to projects. Bonus points if you pre-fill the form with data from the task (e.g. if a question outputs to the due date and it's set already, pre-fill that value). Extra bonus points if you can create a project around an existing task.

I'd like to use this to create work from existing discussions in Wrike without loosing the discussion history. You could also look at it as applying a template to existing work.

One solid use case I have is if a team has an existing process that can run by itself or as part of a larger project. They have a form for the process by itself. The project is run off of a blueprint that either tries to re-create what the form does (introducing double maintenance) or has a note to go submit the form for the project (splitting apart project details). Being able to run the form on an existing task would remove the double maintenance of the smaller process while still keeping all of the project details in one place. A further step of this use case would be to be able to tie the blueprint task to the request form that should be used on it.

In my organization and team, the smaller process is purchasing a computer for anyone in the organization, and the larger project is onboarding a new employee into our department.

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Hey Joshua, thanks for another interesting idea here 🙂

Our Product team is interested and might consider investigating in the future. I'll let you know when that happens 👍

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Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Hi Joshua, just jumping in for Lisa now; our team is still interested in this but this is not in their short-term roadmap. I'll keep you posted on any updates.

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