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Is there a method to set up a project or folder that won't send notifications to people assigned?

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    Ryan Nelson

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    If these are active tasks there is not a way to set them up with out notifications, as far as I know.

    If this is a planning folder or project you can set it up in Blueprints and notifications will not be sent.

    Just curious, if it is an active folder or project, why would you not want notifications to go out. 

    Hope this helps.


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    Bryan Hoff

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    Hey Ryan,

    The driver behind the request to do resource allocation.  Our product cycle is pretty short at about 14 weeks and we have about 40 tasks per project.

    Currently, I have about 20 active projects and another 30 on deck.  If I want to play with scheduling and planning, I don't want to swamp my product teams with notifications that are not relevant to them at this time and are subject to change.  

    Also, given how reporting works, having all the tasks show up doesn't help create a clean view when I want to look at resource allocation across 20 projects.

    I've created a separate project where each task represents a project for some generic planning.  I want to take this further by adding resources but not spam them or clutter their to do lists.

    I'll likely go the blueprints route.  Was hoping the personal space would truly be a personal space/playground for managers, but as soon as I add someone it shares.  Would be nice to be able to toggle that in some fashion in the personal space.

    Thanks for the reminder on Blueprints, we're only using that for templates. Would rather not clutter it, but think I can make that approach work. 


    EDIT: Just really looking for a sandbox. 

    Thanks again!

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