Shared Permissions on Dashboards

My team uses shared dashboards to monitor work. Is there any way to grant users the dashboard is shared with permissions so they can edit widgets? It's frustrating to have to keep relying on the person who created the dashboard to make every little change.

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Upvoting, and adding on: Single-point ownership of Dashboard settings creates a business redundancy issue. If a user creates unique, useful dashboards, then leaves the organization, we lose those assets. Having other users be able to share at the "Owner" level of a dashboard would give us a safety net in this instance. 

Sharing at the "Viewer" level - what is currently enabled - could stay an option; just add "Owner" sharing.

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@Hayley @Joseph thank you for posting and commenting 🙂 

Please check out this Product Feedback post on the similar topic - you can upvote it and add your use cases in there. The Product Feedback section is a good place to suggest features, our Product team monitors it and considers to implement popular suggestions, so your votes are very welcome 🙌 More info on how the section works in this post

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Yes, being able to edit a dashboard or report if you are not the user that created it would be very helpful!


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