Time tracking?

In my particular role, I need to keep track my time performing various functions. There is not always a specific task associated with the time, though. I have addressed this by having a few tasks that are permanently backlogged and in-progress, that I use to log time.

This works okay, but clutters up my "My Work" view and various dashboards. I wonder if anyone else has this issue, and what approaches you've taken to dealing with it.

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I have created a time task for each project. I have also created a workflow item under New called Time Entry. Then I created a report filtering to show only Time Entry. I do not assign the task to anyone but have shared the report with all users. When they need to enter time, they can go to the report rather than digging through projects.

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice


We have created a separate workflow for these types of tasks. We assign those tasks to that workflow and as such we create a widget that filters for tasks with the workflow assigned. 

For example:
We have a task called "StandUps" in a project that is associated with the workflow status called "Ongoing-meetings". Users need to bill their 10 minutes a day to that task, it's never really completed until the project is completed. It's not assigned to anyone and it is backlogged. A user has a dashboard with a Widget that shows all tasks with the status of "Ongoing-meetings". We call that widget "Meetings". 

Maybe something like this will work for you. 


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