Increase Dashboard Row Limit to 4 or more!!!

The dashboards are working great except for one issue - with the way our work management system is segmented, we REALLY need 4 rows on our dashboards.

The dashboard we are trying to replace is a 4 row x 6 column dashboard.

We are currently testing workarounds involving sorting methods to allow two rows within one (e.g. using 'High Importance' to flag half the items), but this is a tough workaround to administer across the company. It means high importance can only be used for this very specific reporting purpose.

Hope this is something that could be offered in Wrike Labs as a test soon!!! This would allow us to fully integrate our work management system into Wrike. If this works I will speak at Wrike conference #2 (I can't make it to this October's in San Fran)  to showcase our system!!!

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