After I added dependencies the dates of the tasks were moved.

I have a task which ends on the 25.05 and the next starts on the 01.06. After I created a dependency the start of the second task moved to the 26.05. It does not make sence for me. 
So I have to manually correct the dates after I added dependencies.
It would be more user-friendly to let it deside to the project manager when to start it and not let the script to mess up te dates after adding the dependencies.
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If you use dependencies you want the dates to be related to the task. 

However, in most project management solutions you are able to specify a lag.

In every project we have a task that will start 1 day after a predecessor.   

Or we have a task that will start on the last day of the predecessor.

Would Wrike please include the option to create a lag so that we can improve management of our project timings.




Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Thanks for your posts here guys. Can you check out Megan's post about creating leads and lags? If this meets the same requirements you're requesting please vote for her post and let me know and I'll redirect other members that visit this thread to Megan's too 👍


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