Printing from List View - to view custom fields and task descriptions

I am trying to print the task from the List View, unfortunately the custom fields that I have in the task are not printing when I print the task off. 

Would prefer:

- to be able to print with all the details attached to the task (custom field details included) from the list view

- to be able to print from another view (i.e. table view which has the custom fields) but be able to include the task description when it prints. 

Unfortunately in this circumstance the 'workaround' to be able to export the task to excel to manipulate the information is not a feasible solution, which is why we are printing straight from the task in the first place. 


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Hi Bailey, this is a great suggestion. Printing Custom Fields seems like a really fair request and having print options in other views is a great idea too. I can see you've already got some upvotes 🤙 so I'll be sure to bring it to the attention of our Product Team. If/when I have an update I'll post back here.

Thanks 🙌

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Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

I recently started using wrike mostly for testing purposes on a long range plan. Currently I'm staying on free plan but my suggestion is general no matter pricing plan or restrictions per plan. 

One of first things I felt I wanted as feature, is being able to print daily task list WITH description notes. I am aware that PRO+ versions have an export to xls feature but still I believe that easy printing is required without the need to export, open excel/Calc, maybe do modifications, print, etc. 

There are plenty of cases that I just need an easy print of my daily tasks with descriptions that might contain important details. Yes, all those info might be accessible to my smartphone, or to xls export but still I believe that such feature would be a good added value. 

A few examples for daily prints, as whole or individuals printings

Task A : Call John Steward

  • checklist Talk about this
  • checklist Talk about that
  • checklist Remind him that
  • checklist ask for his secretary's email to email new catalogs  

Task B : Walmart 

  • checklist buy that type A x pieces
  • checklist buy this type B y pieces
  • checklist check prices and quality for that
  • checklist ask CS for that issue

Task C : Car Service Center

  • montly service
  • ask about that sound you heard yesterday
  • ask about price for painting that
  • check spare type air pressure

Task D : Meeting with logistics company

  • alternative plans of delivery days/ cost of changes
  • mention offer from competitor B
  • Issue last week's delays
  • Make payment plan

In above examples, TASK A printing would help me while talking with Steward, TASKS C and D would help me not to forget something and for TASK B, I could give the print to a colleague/friend/employee to do it for me.

It might me as an extra feature for pro+ plans, or just for free plan customers, to evaluate the need for xls feature that offered only for pro+ plans.

If you decide to provide it, PLEASE make the print compact. I've seen competitor's software printings (some offer with description) with a lot space waste, so for a few tasks I had to print multiple A4 sheets (waste of paper, diff to organize, etc). 


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Good suggestions. I just ran into a situation that needed a quick printout of the project.  I was on a video conference so i couldn't have my Wrike open.  The current "print" option via LIST view would have worked just fine if there was an option to include the task descriptions.  Since I couldn't figure out how to include those, I ended up opening each task individually, taking a screenshot and print from the screen capture app as I didn't have time to export to Excel and format it for printing.  If there is an easier way that I am missing, please let me know.  

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Has there been any movement on this suggestion? This would be super helpful.

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